Physical Cosmologies: The Shining


written by Kevin McLeod

The Pitchfork Review

Poster / Collateral

GSAPP Lecture Series


Ninth Letter — Vol. 13

Literary & Arts Magazine

with Jon Krohn, Lauren Ayers, Daniel Korte

Color Radio

Identity / Album Art / Packaging

as You're Doing


Restaurant / Wine Lounge

Identity / Typography

Ninth Letter — Vol. 11

Literary & Arts Magazine

with Jimmy Luu, Lauren Ayers,
Darren McPherson, Christine Jeng

Point Society Leadership Forum

Branding / Collateral

Various Screenprints

Artists Love Sports Too,
While You and I Breathe Exhibition Poster

with Lauren Ayers

Rendezvous Exhibition

Identity / Collateral

with Christine Jeng

Lunch Paper — Vols. 1 & 2

Book: Chat / Image Logs

as You're Doing

Perpetual Calendar

Typography / Screenprint